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Vancouver Massage

Best Reflexology and Massage in Vancouver? Happy Feet Massage Spa.

725 East Broadway (at Fraser Street)

Acupressure massage has been around for much longer than the practice of acupuncture. While the development and practice of acupuncture evolved as an extension of acupressure knowledge, Chinese medicine has used acupressure massage for thousands of years to maintain the Yin/Yang balance in the organs and to maintain and improve the Qi circulation in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats the entire body as a whole rather than only treating that part of the body which is ‘sick’.

Acupressure Massage in East Vancouver
Authentic TCM Acupressure Massage in Vancouver (East Broadway)

In this sense, the Massage that you receive at Happy Feet Massage in Vancouver is a much more beneficial form of massage than 'swedish' massage or other simple 'relaxation' massage techniques (although we provide relaxation and swedish style massage as well when requested). To achieve sustained optimal health, our experienced and professional massage technicians will check the body for abnormalities or blockages and use acupressure to adjust Qi circulation throughout the body. 

Acupressure massage has proven to be the safest and most efficient way of helping the body to become balanced, thereby maintaining health and preventing sickness. With acupressure massage: there are no side effects; problems are corrected at their root in a natural way without the use of any chemicals; and your awareness and understanding of your body improves - and knowing yourself better is the key to preventing illness.

We also offer Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) (by appointment only - please call 604-677-0760 ahead of time to book.