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Foot Reflexology in Vancouver

Foot Reflexology Improves Circulation in Whole Body

Try traditional Chinese foot reflexology in Vancouver to improve sleep, mobility, and sports performance, or to reduce stress, muscle tension, and ‘kicking leg’ at night. Foot Reflexology isn’t just a normal relaxation style 'foot massage'. Our massage therapists understand that the primary focus of reflexology is to stimulate the various acupressure points found on the toes, ball, sole, heel, top of foot, calves and lower legs to improve the flow of Qi and blood supply throughout one’s entire body.

The soles of your feet are the farthest part of the body from your heart. If the Qi and blood circulation in your feet produces obstacles, it is easy to suffer from poor metabolism and decreased function of whole body including tissues and vital organs. The feet have many acupressure points and nerve endings which need attention to optimize physical and mental health and well being.

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The Benefits of Foot Reflexology

The benefits of foot reflexology are many. Even a single 50 minute reflexology session ($55) can help to unblock Qi in an area of the body other than the feet that is causing a health problem somewhere else.  Examples include:

  • stimulating the liver/gallbladder points/lines which helps an indigestion problem; or
  • stimulating the kidney points found in the feet and lower leg lines which can relieve bladder issues; or
  • stimulating the endocrine reflex points to help balance blood sugar levels for people with type II diabetes.

Of course, the feet handle the body’s weight and people often ignore their feet to the extent that they fail to notice fatigue. One of the greatest benefits of a single session of reflexology is a significant reduction of stress, and improved sleep the night after the reflexology.

The benefits of foot reflexology become much greater with regular treatments, including: 

  • return organ function to a normal state which reduces stress and can eliminate blood pressure issues;
  • return one’s digestion, lymph and waste elimination systems to a normal state of operation;
  • reduce chronic pain issues, insomnia, circulatory issues so that you have better metabolism and higher energy levels throughout your day;
  • calm your nerves: reflexology is also a process (sit, soak, towel, put phone away :-), breathe, relax and accept the minor pain of unblocking the Qi) which makes our body relax naturally, which plays a role in calming the mind and replenishing the breath - eliminating temporary anxiety;
  • improved work performance with better relaxation and concentration;
  • improved sports performance (any sport which requires strained use of lower body such as for runners, bikers, joggers, cyclists, skiers and skaters - hockey players, soccer players, football players and tennis players!!


Why Happy Feet Massage Spa in Vancouver for Your Reflexology Treatments?

Our therapists take pride in their ability to provide professional reflexology treatments, and continuously study foot reflexology techniques and specific therapeutic applications to improve their knowledge while working at Happy Feet (725 East Broadway). 

With a newly renovated atmosphere to relax in, friendly staff and some of the best technicians in Vancouver - you simply can not beat the low cost of $55/ 50 minute session. Or, try the 'combo special' and take 50 minutes reflexology and 50 minutes massage for only $108. See our full price list.

There isn't a better deal in Vancouver!

We provide nice big comfortable high quality leather reflexology chairs to relax in, and start by soaking your feet in hot water with sea salts to aid the blood circulation before drying and wrapping feet in towel to stay warm while the massage can begin

Our reputation throughout the Greater Vancouver area for providing authentic foot massage reflexology is such that, over the years, Happy Feet has had several Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) train with us for months at a time in order to become adept at being able to provide reflexology treatments themselves.

Allow to enjoy. Rest. De-stress.

Foot Reflexology Does Improve Sports Performance!

It has been observed that professional and amateur athletes can greatly increase their performance times and cut down the time for recovery between training sessions or especially after competition by incorporating foot reflexology and massage into their regular training schedules.

Try it and see. 

Foot Massage Sign at 725 East Broadway Vancouver
Foot Massage in Vancouver ? Look for the sign at 725 East Broadway!